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The green octopus in action

  “What is good for biodiversity is good for the mankind.” The year is in the beginning, but the successes in the Bulgarian nature conservation are like a flood: * The Griffon Vultures already nest in 3 new places: Kotlen Mountain, Vrachanski Balkan and Kresna Gorge. The species has been...
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European souslik returns to nature parks

  In June 2017, experts from the Science for Nature Foundation and the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research conducted a study of the  European souslik (Spermophilus citellus) in the nature parks – Vitosha, Bulgarka, Vrachanski Balkan and Sinite Kamani. In recent years there has been a reintroduction of this...
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European souslik is returning to nature parks

During June, 2017, experts from „Science for Nature“ foundation and Institute of biodiversity and ecosystem services conducted a survey of the European souslik in the „Vitosha“, „Balgarka“, „Vratchanski Balkan“ and „Sinite kamani“ nature parks. In recent years there has been reintroduction of this emblematic species that has disappeared from many mountain...
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Wonderful news from our breeding center in Burgas

With pride and tremendous pleasure we share with you that out of the ten eggs that our couples are brooding, 4 small fluffy chicks have already hatched. Countless thanks to Plamen Paskalev for his efforts and his tireless work. We look forward to the hatching of the rest of the...
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