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For the bats and humans in the mountains


The members of the Tourist Society “Oylaripi” and the “Science for Nature” Foundation have made specially made information boards for the conservation of bats in the Balkan Mountains. This is part of the activities for the project “For the Bats and the People in the Balkan” related to nature conservation on the tourist route Kom – Emine. Interesting is the background story of the project. In 2015, activists of Oylaripi TD repaired the emblematic shelter “Karaivanovo Hortishte” in Stara Planina, located at a key point along the Kom – Emine route. It has been abandoned and unusable in recent years, and a group of bat bats have found shelter and have been successful in it. After the repair, the human presence in the building is expected to be greater, and this causes anxiety for endangered flying mammals. Members of the company once again gave an example that tourists should have a leading role in nature conservation and restoration of lost habitats for rare species. Under the project “For the Bats and the People in the Balkan”, special bats houses were built and installed on the outside of the building and in the surrounding forest. The young scientists and tourists involved in the project subsequently demonstrated to others faced with such a problem the opportunities for joint and seamless coexistence between humans and wildlife. “This activity is a pilot in the Balkans and we hope to give a good example of how little effort can be made to help wild animals and, in particular – bats. When renovating old buildings or renovating the modern modernization, the bats are destroyed. This loss can be offset by very little effort and resources, “the participants said.
Project activities are being implemented with the help of the “Build Change” Program, funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation through the Ecosystem Foundation.

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