International Bat Night at Sofia Zoo

This year, too, the Science for Nature Foundation celebrated International Bat Night on the territory of Sofia Zoo. The event took place on 10 October and young and old learned interesting facts about bats life, their association with COVID-19 and why they shouldn’t be afraid.

Everyone had the chance to ask their questions and to take pictures with thematic models, which help spread the cause for the protection of these flying mammals. The visitors got informed about the alternative shelters for bats – bat houses.

The Mysteries of the Browny bat game was interesting and fun for the little ones. While the children were looking for the correct answers to our mysteries, they learned interesting and useful facts for the bats.

We thank the Sofia Zoo for their hospitality and commitment to the initiative to disseminate information and work for a positive attitude towards these interesting and useful animals.

Thanks to everyone involved – we look forward to our next meetings with you!