Mark a watering place, we will run water

Mark a watering place, we will run water

Watering places are part of the Bulgarian culture and traditions. In the past the watering places were spots where old and young gathered, the first meetings of lovers were there. Wealthy people donated money for building of watering places. Many of them were used for irrigation of the livestock (cows, goats, etc.). Every watering place has its own story, be it a love story or a memory of a loved one. These days many watering places, which has been a social life center for Bulgarians, are facing destruction. That is why the Science for Nature Foundation had started a campaign for the renovation of watering places in Southern Bulgaria.

By the Чешмите (The Watering places) application everybody has the chance to mark a watering place, which will be renovated. The application is really easy to use and allows the user to mark the exact coordinates, attach a picture and write a note.

According to the Bulgarian tradition you should do good to the stranger, water the thirsty and feed the hungry.

Watering places are important not only for people, but also for the animals. The wild animals drink water from the troughs of the watering places, tourists stop for rest – to quench their thirst or to cool down.

The Science for Nature Foundation’s goal is to renovate 84 roadside watering places and each of us will be able to mark the watering place, which he wants to see renovated.

Our partners in this initiative are the Bulgarian Water Association and the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

You can download the Чешмите (The Watering places) application from Appstore for iPhone and from Google play for Android.