International Bat Night at Sofia Zoo

For another year, the Science for Nature Foundation celebrated the International Bat Night at Sofia Zoo. The event took place on October 9 and despite the bad weather, it was a day full of positive emotions and sunny smiles. Young and old had the chance to ask their questions and learn about bats conservation and what to do when meeting them.

We informed the visitors about bat houses, which are alternative shelters for them. They also had the chance to take pictures with thematic models, thus helping to spread the cause of protecting these so interesting and useful animals.

The youngest ones took part in the game Mysteries of the Browny bat, this way learning many interesting facts about bats.

We presented to the children the Watering place with history competition and the connection between watering places and bats.

We thank the Sofia Zoo for their hospitality and desire to work for a positive attitude and disseminate information about these valuable flying mammals.

We look forward to our next meetings with you!