Cave guarding

Cave guarding

During the cold months bats fall into a unique physiological state called hibernation. Their heart rate and breathing decrease, excretory processes and movements are minimal and their body temperature drops. That’s how they survive the period when there is no food.

However, in this period they are extremely vulnerable. If bats are awakened during sleep, they can’t react quickly enough to fly away. When they are in this state, it is really possible to fall to the ground from where they cannot fly away. The caves are one of the places where bats spend the winter. Unfortunately, they are objects of vandalism and hoarding and the cold weather is not an obstacle for tourists to enter them. 

Therefore the Science for Nature Foundation together with volunteers for another year will guard key winter bat shelters.

The guarding will take place four weekends in caves in the municipalities of Asenovgrad and Peshtera.

The guarding will take place on the weekends from 22.01.2022 to 13.02.2022.