Bat Festival in the municipalities of Tundzha and Svilengrad

The “Life under one roof” project team participated in the two-day festival “Bat night”, which was held on 16 – 17.04.2022. The event was organized by “Clеver Solutions” the municipalities of Tundzha and Svilengrad and is part of the information activities on the projects “Habitat Sakar” and “Habitat Tundzha”. An exhibition of photographs by Science for Nature Association and herpetologist Georgi Popgeorgiev was opened during the festival. The theme of the exhibition was “To protect our common home”, which included photographs of the local beautiful nature, as well as interesting facts and threats to its wild inhabitants. The connection between man and nature and the influence of man on animals and the environment we live with were also affected. Also,the project team conducted the childrens’s favorite game Mysteries of the Browny bat. At our information stand, the guests learned interesting information about bats, their biology and how we can protect them. The festival program was included a stage play, a concert and other interesting activities.

Thank you for your great interest in the event and we look forward to our next meeting with you!